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Joint Replacement Specialist

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Renee Smith, MD FAAOS

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When other approaches to joint pain aren't helping or the damage is too severe, joint replacement surgery can offer hope. If you're struggling with joint pain, board-certified orthopedic surgeon Renee Smith, MD, of Regenerative Orthopedics Institute in San Luis Obispo, California, can help. Dr. Smith performs a range of joint replacement surgeries using the least invasive approaches to free you from chronic pain and disability. Find out more by calling Regenerative Orthopedics Institute today or booking an appointment online.

Joint Replacement Q & A

Why might I need a joint replacement?

You might benefit from a joint replacement if you suffer severe damage or deterioration of your joints for which there are no other effective treatments. The most likely causes of such damage are acute trauma, the after-effects of a previous injury, and osteoarthritis.

The majority of patients with joint pain benefit from conservative approaches such as physical therapy and medication, with injectable treatments like steroids, regenerative medicine, and hyaluronic acid being helpful in more advanced cases.

Joint damage is not only liable to cause a great deal of pain but also makes daily living extremely challenging. When you start experiencing significant struggles with your joint pain, Dr. Smith can perform cutting-edge joint replacement surgery to restore mobility and relieve pain.

Is joint replacement surgery suitable for all joints?

Hips and knees are well suited for joint replacement. Other joints may do better with techniques like fusion or what we call excision arthroplasty.

New techniques also make it possible to replace smaller joints in your hands and feet. Dr. Smith may carry out a partial or total joint replacement depending on the extent of the damage. If it's possible to preserve natural bone, she does so.

What happens during joint replacement surgery?

Your total joint replacement surgery takes a few hours, and Dr. Smith performs the procedure in a hospital or outpatient surgery center.

During your surgery, Dr. Smith removes the damaged cartilage and bone from your joint and replaces it with prosthetic components,  which mimic the shape and movement of your natural joint. 

For expert joint replacement surgery, call Regenerative Orthopedics Institute today or book an appointment online.