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Non-Surgical Treatment Specialist

Regenerative Orthopedics Institute

Renee Smith, MD FAAOS

Orthopaedic Surgery located in San Luis Obispo, CA

Nonsurgical treatments like physical therapy, regenerative medicine, and steroid injections are all that most patients need for their musculoskeletal disorders. If you have acute or chronic pain in your joints, board-certified orthopedic surgeon Renee Smith, MD, at Regenerative Orthopedics Institute in San Luis Obispo, California, offers a comprehensive range of effective nonsurgical treatments. Find out more by calling Regenerative Orthopedics Institute or booking an appointment online today.

Nonsurgical Treatment Q&A

What is nonsurgical treatment?

Nonsurgical treatment covers all the methods Dr. Smith uses at Regenerative Orthopedics Institute, with the exception of surgery.

Surgery can be vital in some cases and make a significant difference to people with severe, treatment-resistant chronic musculoskeletal pain, but it's not the right option for most patients.

The vast majority of orthopedic conditions are treatable using conservative methods, which pose fewer risks and are considerably less costly.

What nonsurgical treatments are available?

Nonsurgical treatments available at Regenerative Orthopedics Institute include:

Rest and activity modification

Rest is important when recovering from an injury or living with a chronic pain condition, but too much rest can be a bad thing. Dr. Smith helps you understand which activities are beneficial, which ones are acceptable, and which ones you should avoid — and for how long.


At Regenerative Orthopedics Institute, you learn how to do appropriate exercises that promote healing. These exercises are specific to your condition, helping you achieve the quickest recovery possible and prevent re-injury.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy may be passive, such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), where you receive treatment while sitting or lying still; or active, where your therapist helps you perform certain movements. It's one of the most valuable and effective nonsurgical treatments.


Bracing is sometimes necessary to support and protect a joint. Regenerative Orthopedics Institute keeps braces in stock in the office and can fit yours when you visit.

Splinting and casting

Immobilization with fiberglass or plaster splints or casts is the most common technique for treating fractures and sprains.

Steroid injections

If initial treatments aren't achieving satisfactory results, injections of cortisone steroid medication might help. They help reduce inflammation and promote healing, especially for conditions like tendinitis and bursitis. Steroid injections can also deliver relief from arthritis pain.

Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine techniques like stem cell and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies use healing cells taken from your own body to encourage tissue repair and regrowth.

Understanding your condition is also an essential part of treatment, so Regenerative Orthopedics Institute uses models, diagrams, office charts, and handouts for your education.

How effective is nonsurgical treatment?

Nonsurgical treatment is highly effective. Most patients at Regenerative Orthopedics Institute experience significant improvements after using the most conservative approaches. Only when there are no other viable alternatives does Dr. Smith recommend surgery over nonsurgical treatment.

If you require treatment for an orthopedic injury or chronic musculoskeletal pain condition, you can benefit from exceptional nonsurgical treatment by contacting Regenerative Orthopedics Institute. Call the office or book online today.